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Last update : 2021-02-23

Recently Published Books

Anan: Book One
a novel by Masahisa Goi
ISBN : 979-8-5968-9239-0
2,500 years ago, two powerful nations and a dozen city-states were at war with one another, bringing great instability to people’s lives. When the kingdom of the Aiku royal family is conquered, the princess is rescued by a vassal who loves her yet despises the Buddhist order embraced by her father, especially the young disciple called Anan...
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Essays on the Bible, Volume 1
Masahisa Goi
ISBN : 978-1-09-337308-0
Masahisa Goi discusses the universal truths within well-known and well-loved passages from the New Testament. Drawing on a profound source of spiritual intuition, he elucidates the ancient teachings of Jesus for people in the modern era, grounding them in history and offering comparisons with Buddhism as well as his own teachings and method of prayer.
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The Principle of Effect and Cause
Masami Saionji
ISBN: 978-1-0733-7938-5
With the principle of effect and cause, we are no longer at the mercy of our past. We have all we need to envision a radiant future that flows back and becomes our present reality. The 8 chapters and 9 appendices in this book show us how we can harness the magnificent qualities already present within us, and offer concrete methods for changing our way of thinking.
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Essentials of Divine Breathing
Masami Saionji
ISBN: 978-1-5453-6115-3
Essentials of Divine Breathing brings together recent writings of Masami Saionji and practical explanations and exercises for using the divine breathing method in everyday life. This simple yet profound technique guides us to activate our inner life power and reconnect with our inner wisdom, so that we can make the most of our one and only precious life.
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Popular Titles

God and Man
Guideposts for Spiritual Peace and Awakening
Masahisa Goi
ISBN : 4-89214-147-X
Revealing our true connection with God and our guardian divinities and spirits, God and Man provides a clear picture of the spiritual dimensions of the universe and tells how we may transcend karmic cycles to attain our natural state of infinite love, wisdom, and joy.
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The Golden Key to Happiness
Masami Saionji
ISBN : 1-4196-1274-3
At times, we all need guidance in our lives. This book awakens us to what is most important: the ultimate power inherent within us, the way our words and thoughts create our life, and how we each heal ourselves to perfect health.
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One Who Unites Heaven and Earth
The Autobiography of Masahisa Goi
ISBN: 4-89214-166-6
Japanese philospher and spiritual leader Masahisa Goi traces his own life, from his childhood and youth, to his early adulthood during and after World War II, to the experiences and training that led to his spiritual awakening.
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Vision for the 21st Century
A Rebirth in Individual Responsibilities and Values
Masami Saionji
ISBN: 1-4196-1626-9 / 978-1-4343-4058-0
Addresses larger questions of human capability and the meaning of life and death with guidance on a range of everyday topics, from love and marriage, to health and personal troubles, to the education of children.
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You Are the Universe
Masami Saionji
ISBN : 1-4184-8834-8 / 978-1-4196-7826-4
With the passing of the centuries, human beings have forgotten their original selves which spring from the source of the universe. This book awakens that forgotten memory, allowing us to draw on an infinite source of love, vitality, and happiness.
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Evolving with the Universe
Masami Saionji
ISBN: 978-1-5086-4590-0
In Evolving with the Universe, Masami Saionji gives us pause to reflect on our true human nature, the relationship between ourselves and others, and our daily way of living and thinking. Her truth-filled messages take us on a journey deep within, to a place where we transform our thought-habits and reclaim our responsibility as citizens of Earth.
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I Heard It Like This
The Wisdom of Masahisa Goi
compiled by Hideo Takahashi
ISBN: 4-89214-164-X
Providing inspiration to countless people around the world, Masahisa Goi was a spiritual philosopher and the founder of a world peace prayer movement centered on the words 'May Peace Prevail on Earth.' Hideo Takahashi, also a writer and poet, has compiled this collection of his mentor's words, just as he heard them spoken during his long association with Mr. Goi.
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Think Something Wonderful
Exercises in positive thinking
Masami Saionji
ISBN : 978-1-5328-3490-5
This handy little book offers exercises in positive thinking designed for specific purposes, such as overturning unwelcome circumstances, praising and encouraging ourselves, honoring other people and nationalities, and expressing gratitude to nature.
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Other Featured Books and Publications

Genes and Cosmic Essences
Kazuo Murakami & Masami Saionji
ISBN: 978-1-5173-8056-4
Is there any connection between science and spirituality? What can our genes teach us about life and death? Why is it that many of our best qualities seem to be lying dormant within us, and how can an understanding of genes and cosmic essences help us to call them forth? In this insightful book by prominent geneticist Dr. Kazuo Murakami and spiritual leader Masami Saionji, questions like these are discussed from both scientific and spiritual points of view.
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How to Develop Your Spirituality, Volume 1
Masahisa Goi
ISBN: 978-1-4992-3853-2
Masahisa Goi holds that the only way we human beings can rise above our troubles and bring peace to the world is through the development of our spirituality. He proposes a simple method, based on the prayer May Peace Prevail on Earth — a method that is easy to practice yet holds a high and pure vibration, and can be adopted by people of all cultures, religions, and walks of life.
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The Spirit of Lao Tsu
Masahisa Goi
ISBN : 978-1-5432-8437-9
This classic book vividly reveals Lao Tsu's way of mui, a path that supersedes thought and action, and which remains an essential teaching in today's world.
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Cries of Life
Masami Saionji
ISBN: 978-1-45282508-3
This first collection of poems by Masami Saionji carries us into a world of light, love, and divinity—a world of angels descending to Earth to uplift humanity, a world of self-reliance and self-creation, a world of prayer, a world without walls. In this world, we find infinite joy, infinite healing, and infinite life, even beyond our physical death.
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The Story of Anan
Masahisa Goi; Isamu Mikuni
ISBN : 4-89214-171-2
A two-part manga (comic book) series presenting a fictional account of the life of Anan, one of the ten great disciples of Sakyamuni Buddha. Translated from the Japanese Anan monogatari (1985), with original artwork.
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Children Who Went to the Spiritual World, Book One
Masao Murata
ISBN: 978-1-7246-6770-0
The four chapters of this book tell the stories of four souls whose physical lifetimes on earth ended at a very young age. In recounting these stories, Masao Murata discusses past lifetimes as well as present, and spiritual existence as well as physical. He regards earthly human life from the broad and lofty perspective of our long-term spiritual development and evolution.
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Communications with the Spiritual World, Book One
The Woman Who Was Guided by the Angel
Masao Murata
ISBN: 978-1-48105432-4
In Book One of his series Communications with the Spiritual World, Masao Murata conveys the contents of 'dialogues' he held with Ms. Yuu Shimada, his colleague in the world peace prayer movement, after she passed on to the spiritual world in 1961.
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Living in the 21st Century
An Era of Consciousness Transformation
Masami Saionji
ISBN: 978-1-46990840-3
This book brings together three essays and one speech, dating from 2004 to 2010, that highlight the power of our words and the importance of elevating and transforming our consciousness.
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Living Like the Blue Sky
Masahisa Goi
ISBN: 978-1-48180497-4
A compilation of five talks given by Masahisa Goi that focus on living life with a big heart, a calm mind, and a free spirit—in other words, living naturally. In his gentle way, Goi Sensei gives us the key to this way of living, so that everyone can live like the clear blue sky.
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Angels of the Cosmos
My Spiritual Voyage Aboard a Living Space Vessel
Masao Murata
ISBN 4-89214-151-8
A compelling narrative about the author's spiritual voyage aboard a UFO, guided by cosmic angels from advanced planets.
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