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Selection - One Who Unites Heaven and Earth

from Heaven and Earth Become One
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During my lifetime, I studied a variety of spiritual teachings. Finally, afer going through my own spiritual experiences under the guidance of my guardian divinity, I reached a perfectly free state of mind, and all my actions sprang directly from my essential, divine self. Acting as such, I have made a full-fledged step toward the attainment of my mission on earth. As I reflect on it now, I am amazed at how I could have endured the excruciating spiritual disciplines that were given to me. There seem to have been two power sources that sustained me. One was the sense of assurance I received from the presence of my best friend and my younger brother, who were always supporting me from behind. The other was the love that filled my heart for other people and for my country, along with a fathomless longing for the great harmony of all human beings.
On many occasions, I was driven just one step short of either insanity or an agonzing death. What finally rescued me was the power of my belief in myself and my absolute faith in divine love. Had I entertained any selfish desire for supernatural powers, I certainly could not have become as I am today. When people face their own death, without exception, they see all their past thoughts and deeds passing before them, as in a kaleidoscope. As long as one wishes for spiritual powers for self-serving reasons, one will never be spiritually awakened. This is because it is impossible to ascend to spiritual and divine worlds while riding on the low thought waves of egocentric desires.
In this world, there are strict rules and clearly defined levels of thought waves, and freedom from egocentric desires has a great deal to do with a person’s spiritual awakening. Likewise, if one disciplines oneself out of a desire to be superior to others, to show off in front of others, or to attain social status, financial benefit, and the like, one will attract the intervention of creatures in the subconscious realm who hold the same kinds of desires. These creatures, who know nothing of a human being’s innate divinity, or of the principles and objectives of the divine will, often present themselves in the guise of divine guides, and offer sporadic predictions and perform healing feats which are beyond the capabilities of ordinary people.
Once people have asked for the assistance of these deluded souls, they become elated and puffed up with pride because of what they can achieve without any effort. Such people end up lacking in diligence, sincerity, and the free will necessary to live with dignity in the human world. Even worse, they deprive others of their free will, contributing as much, if not more, to the destruction of this world as do those who deny divinity or concern themselves only with the material realm. Although at first glance, it may appear to be of little significance, this kind of behavior displays a spiritual ignorance of the most lamentable and dangerous kind.

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