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Selection - I Heard It Like This: The Wisdom of Masahisa Goi

Numbers 31-40
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Someone asked Goi Sensei the meaning of ‘spiritual awakening.’ His answer was—

Spiritual awakening is being able to feel thankful for everything.

A free and open mind is best of all. At times, it is a deep ravine where silence is cherished. At other times, it is a rushing torrent of mighty, raging waves. Let your mind be like a river, clear and free-flowing.

Even though we may reach a high state of spiritual awakenment, if we stop there, we will be unable to rescue others. We need to come down from our lofty tower and be able to live smoothly in unclean surroundings, getting along well with all kinds of people, listening to any kind of talk, and being able to laugh lightheartedly. Unless we can do this, we are only half-awakened.

If you wish to reach your spiritual awakening, the first thing to do is to let go of fixed ideas. When your head is filled with fixed ideas, whatever else may be poured in, it will all spill out. Let go of pre-existing ideas and listen with an open mind and a straight heart.

Spiritual awakening is found in the midst of the ordinary. Sincerity, love, acceptance, and appreciation—these qualities are quite ordinary and natural, yet all these are expressions of spiritual awakening.

Very often, a large man-made gem is more beneficial to people than a small authentic gem. In the same way, a person with an expansive personality, even if slightly tarnished, often achieves more than a good or pure person with a narrow outlook. Good people need to become bigger and stronger.

Even though you may physically be in a seated position, your heart, too, needs to be settled down. If your heart is not settled, you will quickly lose composure when you go out into society—into actual daily life. The most important thing is for your heart to sit up straight and never be shaken.

To pray is to let your life shine. Prayer is living life dynamically. If you think that prayer is sitting still without doing anything, there is a misconception somewhere in your idea of prayer.

When the inner ‘you’ knows that you are one with the divine, and when the outer ‘you’ spontaneously performs actions of love at all times, it means that you have reached your spiritual awakening.

God is expressed only through action.

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