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Selection - Genes and Cosmic Essences

Leaping into Our Sacred Consciousness
(from the Epilogue by Masami Saionji)
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The 21st century marks the beginning of a new era—an era in which a large-scale, expansive way of thinking will be the main trend. More and more people will think of the planet Earth as a living body that is sustained by each and every human being. We are no longer living in an age where we can survive while generating endless petty struggles stemming from our national, religious, ethnic or cultural differences, or from our craving for power, wealth, or reputation. Rather, the era that is beginning now is one in which we will live with the understanding that the earth is a sacred entity, and that each of us is a sublime, sacred being.

During our discussions, Dr. Murakami commented that, to him, nature seemed to have two aspects—“visible forms like the sun, the moon, and the earth, and forms that we cannot see.” He went on to say, “My feeling is that of the two, the invisible forms are the more important ones.” I heartily share his opinion! I feel that, from now on, the earth’s people will come to realize that what we see with our eyes, hear with our ears, and touch with our hands is not all there is, and that a much greater power pervades all corners of the earth and the universe. We will also begin to sense that this very same power is at work within ourselves. Likewise, it will be important for us to deeply appreciate that this vast power, which permeates great nature, human beings, and all living systems, is constantly enlivening them all and enabling them to commune with and influence one another.

The wellspring of this vast power is what Dr. Murakami calls “Something Great,” and it is the same as what I would call “the universal divine mind.” I acutely feel that now, there is an urgent need for each one of us to intently focus our attention on this invisible, inner power that is linked with all the movements of the universe. I think we need to earnestly seek ways to draw out our innately perfect nature and wondrous capabilities. If each of us earnestly devotes ourselves to this inner quest, step by step we will deepen our understanding, and the day will surely come when we can firmly believe in our essential, sacred self.

When people come in touch with their essential nature and identity, all sorts of difficulties are cleared away. In particular, the riddle of death—the event that is most dreaded in this world—will be resolved in each person’s mind. We will be able to accept death serenely and with dignity, without needless fears.
Once the fear of death is gone, life comes alive and shines with ever-increasing brightness. This is because we no longer try desperately to cling to life. Some people die at a young age, some die of illness, and some die in natural disasters and various kinds of accidents, but however we may die, our death occurs so that we may achieve our own, individual role in this present-day world. Above all else, I think people need to know that our consciousness does not disappear with death. Rather, our life and our consciousness continue endlessly.

We may think of our individual existence and consciousness as being extremely trivial, but such is not the case. The real “me” and the real “you” are vast, exalted lives that are indelibly woven into the infinitely expansive design of the great universe. The real, true being is an unlimited, sacred existence—infinite divine life itself.

The universe as a whole is continually evolving and self-creating while embracing all entities and uniting them into one. As beings who hold all facets of the universe within us, the work assigned to us human beings is of the utmost importance. The consciousness and existence of each one of us is exerting a great influence on what takes place from moment to moment, hour to hour, and day to day in the world and throughout the universe.

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