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Selection - How to Develop Your Spirituality, Vol. 1

from Focus on the Real You
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Though human beings live amid mysteries that are beyond their limited human understanding, many people have become so accustomed to these mysteries that they live their lives without feeling the wonder or mystery of them at all. Birth, growth, being able to think; such miracles as water, air and food; the fact that everything needed to sustain human life is naturally provided—there is no end to the list of wonders which occur on our planet. However, not only do some people have no reverence for the mysteries of life and the universe, they even deny the very existence of those mysteries. They think that they can live solely by means of their own, individual power, and bring happiness to humanity with that power alone. Sometimes I think about these people and marvel at the strangeness of their thinking, which, I must confess, strikes me as being altogether absurd.
If a feeling of reverence and thankfulness for everything around us that enables us to live does not well up in our hearts, what means could we possibly have of attaining true happiness? If someone is not yet aware that our physical bodies are able to live because we are given our life-power from a source that is within us and around us, they have not taken the first step forward on the road to truth. Knowing the truth is out of the question for people who cannot feel true gratitude toward that mysterious power.
How can there be people who, when faced with the source of the mysterious power that causes everything in the universe to function and works actively within the physical body of every individual human being, deny this existence or hesitate to call it God? To me, this is a mystery indeed.
Until the mysteries of the power known as ‘life,’ which activates human beings and controls our every bodily function, are fully understood and explained, any scientist has to acknowledge that the question of life is still a mystery, and treat it with reverence. Surely they cannot deny that the source of those mysteries is a power beyond that of the physical body.
I say this because, with the phenomenon called ‘death,’ the mysterious power called ‘life’ leaves the physical body. Even though the body continues to exist, without life it becomes nothing more than a material substance with no ability to function. Where does the power called ‘life’ hide itself after death? Until we can locate it precisely, there is no alternative but to treat life as a mystery. Where does life come from and where does it go? When I observe people neglecting this profound issue and dismissing with a laugh concepts such as ‘mystery’ or ‘God,’ I can only find them childish and dogmatic. If people who have such arrogant attitudes and philosophies as to repudiate the existence of God and all that is mysterious play a central role in running their country and the world, what kind of future do you suppose the planet Earth will have?

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