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Selection - Living Like the Blue Sky

from Be Honest with Yourself
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Why is it that humanity is divided into different nations and ethnic groups? It's because each group has its own mission. We can compare these missions to different colors—there is blue, there is yellow, and there is red. The different colors blend together harmoniously and enhance each other, creating beautiful new colors. In the same way, different ethnic groups have their own missions, and as they accomplish these missions, they help each other and bring about great harmony in the earthly world.
However, when human beings enter this physical world, we forget about these heavenly missions, and instead begin to turn against each other. We become selfish, interested only in protecting our own country or group. If our color (mission) is blue, or red, or white, we only want to protect our own blue, or red, or white nation. When we have experienced this to the very limit, we finally realize that it can go on no longer. For the first time, our attachment to material things relaxes, and we start to look to our spiritual side—our true, divine self. Then, light flows in abundantly from our true self, and before we know it, our vibrations become finer and more sublime.
All of us, while we manifest in physical form in this physical world, will change to a finer, subtler vibration. When this happens, we will all come to feel, in the bottom of our heart, that we all come from God, and that each nationality and ethnicity has its own mission to fulfill, so all groups must work hand in hand. At that time, peace will prevail on earth. Furthermore, these enlightened thoughts will have an effect on animals, and a new animal world will emerge where no animal will eat another animal or be eaten by other animals.

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