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Preview - Communications with the Spiritual World, Book One

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Just as trees grow new rings with the changing of the seasons, so do human beings grow older each year. And just as most plant life eventually withers and dies, we human beings, too, must someday depart from this world. When spring brings warmer weather, we cast off our winter coats without a second thought. In the same way, at the end of our life, we leave our physical body behind and, in accordance with the divine mind, move on to the spiritual world.
We call this transition ‘death,’ and the thought of it often brings great fear. However, Goi Sensei2 teaches us that death is really just a change in our living environment, and that people who have passed away are living well in their new surroundings, even though we are unable to see them. With this perspective, our way of thinking about death changes considerably. If the communications with the spiritual world contained in this book help people to learn about ‘death’ during ‘life,’ and to pursue their life in the next world rather than facing death with fear, then those of us involved in writing and publishing this book have accomplished our aim.
When we think of communicating with the spiritual world, we may imagine someone going into a trance. While this ‘medium’ is in an unconscious state, he or she is taken over by various spirits, who, within the realm of their knowledge, try to inform human beings of the existence of the world after death. In many cases, another person judges the authenticity of this information, selects the most reliable and essential information, and compiles it in a summary. Although I have chosen the title Communications with the Spiritual World, my communications with Ms. Yuu Shimada are different from what most people might imagine. There is no medium through whom Ms. Shimada is speaking, nor is there any automatic writing involved. Rather, it is more fitting to simply call it a dialogue with the spiritual world.

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