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Selection - Cries of Life

There is Meaning to Your Life
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The majority of people today
Feel that their lives are empty and futile.
Beaten down by chronic weariness and fatigue,
They wake up each morning
With a sense of powerlessness and despair.

Unable to embrace
Even a hope or dream for the future,
Constantly tormented by feelings of pointlessness and isolation,
They have lost sight of their reason to live with vigor and vitality.

Materially wealthy as people today may be,
Their worries are overwhelming.
They cannot find the key
To resolve the myriad problems that they have stirred up in their hearts,
And only their cries of sorrow hang in the air.

People!! Remember who you are!
Such sublime, noble, and beautiful souls,
Such precious, gentle, and loving souls,
So filled with radiant wisdom and infinite potential,
So enveloped in divine light, and sustained by supreme bliss.

For each moment of each human life,
A precious, profound meaning is concealed within.
However tired of living you may be,
However hopeless you may feel,
There is meaning to your life.
You are not being left behind, alone and forgotten
At the edge of the earth.
Everything is part of a process through which we grow and evolve.

Why were you born,
Not on another planet,
But on this Earth,
Not in a future era,
But in this one,
Not to another family,
But to your own?
You yourself chose them all.
Whatever situation you may find yourself in now,
Behind it is hidden a precious, profound, and radiant meaning—
A meaning that belongs to your life alone.

Each of us must seek out
And discover for ourselves,
The meaning of our unique life.
There is no other way.

Why is all humanity suffering?
When we lose our sense of oneness with God,
We are struck with fear and anxiety over aging, sickness, and death.
But originally, all human beings are one with God,
Given birth in this world
Carrying a true mission for this lifetime,
In the process of our eternal evolution.
While we live in this world, it is our heavenly mission
To experience oneness with the Universal God.

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