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Selection - Vision for the 21st Century

Activating the Power of Love
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Without exception, all human beings are born for the purpose of manifesting love. When we go to the root of life, ignoring all that is temporary or nonessential, what remains is love. Love is all there is—the only true, unchanging existence.
More than anything else, what each of us needs to do now is to love ourselves and love others, forgive ourselves and forgive others, and express only love, sincerity, and forgiveness in all our words and actions. Soon, everything else that we thought we needed will be rapidly taken away.
From moment to moment, each of us needs to consciously observe ourselves and ask ourselves these questions: Here and now, am I giving expression to love? Is my heart filled with love for myself, my family, my friends and acquaintances, my society, and all human beings? Am I showering love upon all animals, insects, and plants—on water, air, the sun, the earth, the mountains and the seas? At this present moment, to what extent am I sending out the energy of love that resides abundantly within me?
No matter how much love we give to others, the love within us can never be diminished, nor are we ever left feeling tired or emotionally depleted. The more we express love, the more it streams forth. Love is the powerfully overflowing fountain of our life-energy.
The reason why we exist here, in this present moment, is to draw out and plentifully express love to our children, our parents, our husbands, wives, partners, and large numbers of people. We were born so that we ourselves, and all the people around us, might know true and lasting happiness.
Because love is the energy of life itself, if we are not adept at expressing love it means that we are not adept at expressing life. It means that the power of our life is not being fully activated.
Despite what we may think, it is not difficult to express love. All we need to do is wish, from the bottom of our hearts, to love ourselves and love others. This heartfelt desire, in and of itself, will cause love to well up from within. Not only that, when we are able to continually manifest love with our whole being, no one will be able to invade our hearts with violence, nor will we ever feel that that we have anything to lose. Even if we are living in the midst of poverty, war, or disease, if we continue to manifest love, our inner dignity can never be shaken.
No one can teach us to express love, for it is not a power that is acquired from the outside. It is a power that wells up from within. The power to express love is the power to draw out and manifest our own life-energy.

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