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Selection - The Principle of Effect and Cause

From future to present to past
(excerpt from chapter 1)
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If only I had more money, I could have a nicer home, we might think. If I could always be with the person I love, I would not be lonely at all. In these examples, the causes are ‘having more money’ and ‘always being with the one I love,’ and the effects are ‘having a nicer home’ and ‘not being lonely.’ With the law of cause and effect, the cause always comes first, and the effect always follows. After that, the effect turns into a new cause.
On the other hand, with the principle of effect and cause, the effect always comes first. This effect is not rooted in a pre-existing cause; rather, it springs from the world of infinite potential that resides within each and every human being.
With the law of cause and effect, the primary cause is always something finite. If I had money, or if I could always be with a certain person—conditions like these depend on the circumstances in the material world, so they cannot last forever. On the other hand, under the principle of effect and cause, the effect is always based on something that is changeless and unlimited. Infinite love, infinite health, infinite richness, infinite life—when we turn our attention to these limitless qualities that spring from the realm of the spirit, they spontaneously generate all sorts of marvelous new causes.
To live by the principle of effect and cause, the first thing we need to do is to recognize that, if we truly desire, from the bottom of our heart, to do something or to become something, the ability to achieve our desire is already present within us. Once we reach this understanding, all our thought-habits can shift to a more elevated dimension.

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